Letter of Access management

The Korean Chemicals Legislation K-REACH requires chemical substances that are placed on the Korean market to be registered with the Korean Ministry of Environment (MoE), and pursues the principle “one substance, one registration”.

All registrants of the same substance are obliged to the Joint Submission and must use the same data to avoid unnecessary animal testing.

The access rights and costs to the data for the participants of a Joint Submission are regulated via the so-called “Letter of Access” (LoA). By signing the CICO / consortium agreement, the co-registrant agrees to contribute to the total cost of registering a particular substance. These costs consist of the data, dossier and administrative costs and are reflected in the LoA fee. After payment of the LoA fee, the co-registrant receives the agreed files necessary for registration and the token allowing him to access the Joint Submission. The LoA document is certifying the data access rights.

Since the start of K-REACH, we have been supporting CICOs / consortia and lead registrants in the implementation of an efficient Letter of Access Management system – we are at your disposal as a competent partner with the following services:

  • Communication with potential and existing co-registrants
  • Set-up and update CICO agreements
  • Calculation of LoA fees
  • Invoicing
  • Issuing LoA documents and exchanging the files required for registration with co-registrants
  • Documentation and required data updates
  • Management of LoA fees on bank accounts
  • Recalculation and processing of reimbursements or additional charges

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