Management of CICOs and consortia

The K-REACH Regulation, which came into force in 2015, refers to the Act on the Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances (ARECS) in Korea.

The Act on the Safety Management of Household Chemical Products and Biocides (also called K-BPR), which is modelled on the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), came into force on January 1, 2019. For these purposes, substance-related data from animal studies are required amongst others. In order to keep the number of studies as low as possible and thus grant animal welfare as far as possible, there is an obligation to exchange existing data. Other chemicals legislations introduced worldwide also include the aspect of data sharing.

The provision and sharing of data between competitors require a high degree of administration and confidentiality. In order to best manage this process, Korean authorities require the formation of CICOs / consortia by chemical companies which manufacture or distribute the same substances. Usually they commission an external CICO or consortium manager to act as their independent trustee. The trustee is responsible for the supervision of secretarial, fiduciary and financial activities so that the flow of information between all members of the CICO / consortium is always guaranteed, competition law can be complied with and confidentiality is maintained.

As an experienced manager of CICOs and consortia for K-REACH and K-BPR, we offer you the following services:

Establishment and management of a CICO / consortium

Secretarial services

  • Preparation and management of CICO / consortium documents, including agreements
  • Organization and management of CICO / consortium meetings / telephone conferences
  • Joint Submission registrant communication and response to inquiries
  • Data archiving according to the legal requirements
  • Support in purchase and negotiation of existing data, especially data from overseas
  • Comprehensive Letter of Access (LoA) and data management via our online LoA Shop

Financial services

  • Bank account management
  • Cost sharing and calculation of CICO / consortium fees
  • Budget monitoring
  • Calculation and invoicing of Letter of Access and License to Use fees
  • Recalculation and processing of reimbursements to co-registrants / data owners / beneficiaries

Technical services

  • Study commissioning and monitoring
  • Preparation of documents required for registration can be provided by our partner company Chemservice Asia Co. Ltd., located in Ulsan/Korea.
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